Effective Counselling for relationship issues, anxiety and depression in Ipswich Town Centre   

Counselling provides
insight and solutions when...
  • you feel you are struggling with important areas of your life, such as a valued relationship or building new relationships.
  • you are experiencing difficulty with anger, criticism, anxiety, panic, stress or depression.
  • or a change in your life is proving challenging to cope with, such as redundancy, new job, divorce, illness, retirement or bereavement.

Asking for help is hard. You want someone to listen to you, but find the vast listings of counsellors available can make your head spin!

Carolyn's approach is simple. She has a passion for her work and it shows. Carolyn's aim is to help you find a positive outcome no matter what the problem is. No matter how deep you feel you have sunk, there is always a way back up.

Carolyn uses common sense in her approach and trusts that it is the counselling relationship, not ‘psychobabble’ that will prove fundamental to the counselling process. Carolyn will work with you at your pace, and won’t push you - unless that is what you want.

For many people, between one and six meetings with a counsellor are sufficient to make a real difference to what was troubling them. Carolyn also offers longer term counselling where appropriate.

GP and Employee Assistance referrals are welcome but not necessary.

What to do now...

If you feel unhappy or in a difficult place and you are interested in exploring counselling, please email Carolyn by clicking on the link underneath her photo to the left.

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