Online and Telephone Counselling

Carolyn now offers online, email and telephone counselling sessions.

Do you.....
  • want a wider choice of counsellors, perhaps from all over the country?
  • find it difficult to get around, perhaps because of anxiety or physical disability, and want easily accessible counselling?
  • like the prospect of being able to relax in your own surroundings for your counselling sessions?
  • find it easier to talk about personal issues when you're not face-to-face with someone?

If you answered yes to one more of these questions, then perhaps you might like to try online or telephone counselling.

For telephone and email counselling, all you need is a 'phone or access to a computer. You don't need a huge amount of technical knowledge to make use of online counselling, just a good internet connection, and Skype downloaded onto your computer. You can find this here.

If you would like to further discuss how this form of counselling works, click here to contact me.

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